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Design Articles and Tutorials on Attenuators, RF Attenuators. Topics Covered: Microwave Attenuators, RF CMOS Attenuators, Resistive Attenuators, pi Attenuators, Tee Attenuators, T – Pad Attenuators and more..

Search for Benchtop Attenuators, Digital Attenuators, Fixed Attenuators, Programmable Attenuators, Rotary Attenuators, Step Attenuators, Variable Attenuators on everything RF.


CMOS - Based Digital Step Attenuator Designs

This article describes the general design mythology of RF CMOS Attenuators covering Step, pi, T and Bridged Circuits. It also goes over attenuator optimization.

By Ray Baker


Attenuator Design Tutorial

Good Tutorial on Attenuator Design with Derivations, Circuits, Simulations and Examples for pi Attenuators, Tee – Attenuators, Bridged T – Attenuators for Narrowband and Broadband operation.

From www.rfic.co.uk


Analysis and Design of RF CMOS Attenuators

This ppt goes over the design RF CMOS Attenuators, covering the following topics: Insertion Loss, Maximum Attenuation, Frequency Limitations, Distortion Analysis, Linearity Improvements and performance comparison.

By Hakan Dogan, Robert G. Meyer and Ali M. Niknejad from Berkeley Wireless Research Center



A lot of very useful information on Attenuators

from Microwaves101


High Frequency PIN diode Attenuators

This Article goes over the various configuration of PIN diode Attenuators: Shunt Mounted Reflective Attenuator, Balanced Attenuator, Arrays Attenuators, pi Attenuators, T pad attenuators and more…

Application Note from Herley


Digital step attenuators offer precision and linearity

A RF CMOS digital step attenuators that offer an unprecedented combination of accuracy, linearity, programmability, ESD tolerance and wide bandwidth in aminiature  surface-mount package.

By Radha Krishna Settypublished in RF Design Magazine


Resistive Attenuator Design

A List of formulas for designing resistive Attenuators



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