Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Carpet and Rug Cleaning

With pets at home, urine accidents are sure to manifest sometimes, and they can leave at the back of a gruesome scene. Eliminating pet odour from carpet can look like a daunting mission, but knowing the right steps to take will make it an achievement ultimately.

In case you need to remove well-known pet odours from carpet, a thick sprinkling of baking soda over the complete surface will absorb and neutralise odours. The drink should be allowed to sit down undisturbed for a few hours before being vacuumed. This will help with the odors left through pet fur and matters tracked in from out of doors, but it doesn’t work as nicely on urine accidents. Different cleaning steps need to take location earlier than using baking soda to dispose of a urine smell.

Get to Urine Accidents Fast

Whenever feasible, it’s very essential to tackle a urine coincidence without delay after it happens. The primary line of defence in opposition to lingering odours is to do away with as an awful lot of the urine as viable at some stage in this initial cleansing. You will need:

  • Absorbent towels or paper towels
  • Newspapers
  • A heavy object

As soon as a fresh urine stain is discovered, a layer of absorbent towels should be laid over the top. Newspapers, which are very absorbent as well, can be put over top of the other sheets. (Newspaper should not be placed next to the carpet, however, because the ink will bleed into the carpet fibers.) A massive object should then be placed on top of the towels and newspapers, or you can stand upon them. The pressure will help the towels to absorb urine that has seeped into the carpet padding.

Once the towels are wet, they should be replaced with dry towels and the process repeated. New towels should be used until no more urine can be absorbed. This is essential, no matter how long it takes. Any urine that is allowed to remain will most certainly cause unpleasant odours.

If urine is discovered on the carpet after it has dried, cool water can be used to loosen it and allow it to be absorbed. Several cups of water should be poured over the stain–enough water to reach into the carpet padding without making the area soggy. After the water sits for a few minutes, it can be absorbed with towels and newspaper as described above.

Treating the Odour

When cleaning the urine accident, it’s important to use a cleaner that will neutralise and destroy the odour-causing compounds. Both baking soda and vinegar can neutralise odours naturally. Vinegar makes a good stain remover as well and can be used in place of a commercial cleaning agent.

A combination of one cup plain white vinegar, one cup water, and 1/4 cup baking soda can be scrubbed gently into the stained area with a damp cloth or brush. The area should then be allowed to dry completely, which may take from four to eight hours. After it is dry, the vinegar smell will be gone, and the baking soda can be vacuumed.

If you prefer to use a commercial cleanser, it’s important to choose one that contains live enzymes. These work to remove pet odours because they literally digest the bacteria that cause the unpleasant odour. The product should be applied according to its label directions.

Locating Pet Odour

You’ll be able to detect a urine odour but unable to figure out its origin. A brief and easy way to find those hidden urine spots are to apply a black mild. While the room is dark, the black light bulb may be turned on and will display any regions of urine with a vivid white or yellow glow. Once you’ve placed the spot, it can be wiped clean as ordinary.

Before removing pet scent from carpet, any purifier has to be tested in a hidden area–such as inside a closet or in a nook. The purifier may be carried out to a small region, which must then be checked for colourfastness after approximately 24 hours.