Ways in which Laughter Improves your Health

It is often said that laughter is the best medicine. But there is a lot of truth behind this odd this old saying. In fact, it couldn’t be more true. Laughter not only lightens ones mood but it also has many health benefits. These benefits are both mental and physical, which explains why many experts recommend daily laughter as much as they would healthy eating and regular exercise. Laughter helps with sleep, breathing and can instil a great sense of contentment and general well being. Here are six amazing ways in which laughing can improve your overall health:

Blood pressure

Laughter lowers blood pressure. It is said that people who laugh on a regular/daily basis have lower blood pressure. When the laughter begins there is a short increase in blood pressure. After this however, blood pressure levels drop. They drop below than where they began, and that is the key when it comes to overall improvement. Laughter is also great exercise for your heart muscles.  It improves circulation and in turn decreases risk of heart disease. This also reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Weight loss

Laughter can aid in weight loss. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, laughing boosts your metabolism. Which is excellent for those trying to lose weight. When you laugh you’re also burning calories. In theory, laughing can burn as many calories as one would burn on an hour long walk at a moderate pace. You can also burn as many calories as one would while on an exercise bike for 15 minutes. Laughter exercises the diaphragm and the stomach. It does this because while you’re laughing your stomach muscles are working to expand and contact. Laughter is also a great muscle relaxant and so would combat stiff and aching muscles.

Reduces stress

The muscle contractions caused by laughing increases blood flow and oxygenation of the blood. This then stimulates the heart and the lungs and works to release endorphins. These can drastically help to relax one physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Laughing reduces the levels of stress causing hormones. This helps to cut out both stress and anxiety. Which leaves you a happier, more balanced and carefree, version of yourself.

Boosts your immunity

When you laugh it activates your anti-body producing T cells. This boosts your immunity a great deal. These help you fight off coughs, flu and other sicknesses. Laughter also fights stress, which can often make one more susceptible to illness by lowering the immune system. So by laughing you’re eliminating stress and increasing the production of antibodies in your body. Which overall creates a double boost to your immune system. When you’re feeling a little run down laughing really could fight off any encroaching colds or flu! Proof of just how medicinal laughter can be.

Fights off depression

Laughing works to reduce all the stresses and tensions you may have. It also combats anxiety and irritation. These are large contributors to depression. By eliminating these it can help depression become a lot more manageable. Laughing helps with seasonal affective disorder or SAD. But it also can fight full blown depression. Laughter releases powerful endorphins and these help create a sense of general well being. The more you laugh, the more your symptoms of depression will fade and this will improve your social interactions. People who are more socially involved with others are far less likely to suffer from depression. This is because they have people to talk to about things and people to laugh with.

Pain relief

Laughing is a huge natural pain reliever. It releases feel food endorphins and hormones into your system. These are said to have the equivalent effects of the same dose of morphine in your body. The endorphins work to create a natural high. This natural high gives one feelings of calm and wellbeing. Laughing regularly for as little as 15 minutes is even said to increase pain tolerance by up to 10%. It is also an age old diversion to pain. It can distract a person and take their mind off their agony even if it’s just for a little while.

In life, things can get stressful and we can forget to laugh, have fun and enjoy life. We’re always running around and busy. Many of us neglect our own health and wellbeing. But it shouldn’t b that way. You should always make time to for your own wellbeing and laughing is a fun and great way to achieve this. It can improve so many aspects of your life and your health.